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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hong Kong and The Blur That Followed.

I'm baaack~! From a 3D2N Hong Kong trip...

First purchase in HK: an overpriced Minnie Headband!

my sister's graduation show...

Her team won the show! More on that later...
and finally, church camp!

Can you spot me?
It's really been a whirl wind week with all the happenings. The weekend in Hong Kong was supposed to be rest but it was really more tiring than the five days of work before it. Too much to buy and too little time! The pace of life is a lot faster there than in Singapore too (they even walk faster) so I actually felt quite relieved to arrive at home. Haha! 

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday in Hong Kong. Lovely food and the shopping was seriously crazy. We spent two entire days in two shopping malls and could still buy more in them if not for the time constraint. Three days were just right though, because we were really really out of cash by the end of the trip. I had to charge my last minute wallet and bag buys to credit, which meant very lousy conversion rates!

Too much to blog about in just one post, so maybe just Day One for today! :) Just one destination that day - Disneyland! :D

Taking off in the Dumbo ride!
That's my sister - Ling, my stylo mummy and me, taking a shot before I got scared on the Dumbo ride. I know, I'm useless. Its embarrassing but I'm even afraid of ferris wheels. Hanging a mile up on a small cubicle that sways - how can anyone find that not nerve-wrecking?!

That's me getting worried right there.

Still managed to squeeze some smiles out for the camera hahahahahaha
Ms. Bunny played tour guide for the day. I had to nag three times a day one week before the trip just to make her work on the itinerary! I think she's never gonna travel with me again. Haha!

Yes, I'm workin' on it!
The HK Disneyland is the smallest among all and doesn't take a lot of time and energy out of you just to finish exploring the park. We got there at 3pm in the afternoon and finished just in time for the fireworks! Some people think going there's a waste of money, but I like it - just right for half a day of comfortable walking! :) 

Outfit of the Day: Minnie headband, long drape cardi, loose fit tank, mesh ballerina skirt and gladiator sandals! Good for a pretty and comfortable day in wonderland! :)
Okay there's just too many things to talk about so let's just use photos from now!

Wearing makeup for Hong Kong! I don't know why but I only do that when I travel! :S
Mummy! :)
Spotted: Mini Snow White! :)
Can you tell we're wearing the same skirt in different colours? Haha!
Staring lovingly at the bunny on my head hahaha.
I took her bunny headband while she wore the one she got from Disneyland Japan!
Showtime! A must-catch if you ever plan to go. :)
With Mum. :) Do we look alike? :D
Blackcurrent Jelly - madly yummy!
Queuing for Ling's fave ride...
Winnie the Pooh! :)
Aaaand its nighttime!
Cinderella's Carousel :)
Very happy because she got the pony she wanted!
Trying out the party mode hahahaha
And last but not least,

Truly the highlight of the park.
"I can show you the world" :)
I wished boyfriend was there but he really isn't the amusement park kind of guy. :( I suppose you can't ask for everything in a man! 

And so the day ended with:

A bowl of magically lovely noodles from right across the hotel. It's the best supper I ever had!
That's magical Day One for you. :D Day Two comin' soon!

Goodnights all! :) Hope you guys had an equally great week!


Florence 7 June 2011 at 02:27  

yeah hong kong my home, great post and great pics !!

visit me at:


fashionwise 8 June 2011 at 19:20  

great pics !!! I love the bow !

New post up on my blog

Florence 9 June 2011 at 10:09  

Haha thanks for your reply.
Did you always have short hair ? So chic.

check out my latest post lovely :3 :3 don't forget to comment!


Shu. 9 June 2011 at 18:11  


Thank you! :) So you're from HK! Where are you living now? Just hopped by your blog yest! :D

Oh and I've had long hair for yeaaaars before i got this cut! It was a scary change. haha. But a lot more comfortable! :)


Thank you! I like it too! hahaha.

Cindy Karmoko 9 June 2011 at 22:03  

love the mini ears headband!!! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog btw!


Daphne 10 June 2011 at 01:44  


Plus being in HK, you get to eat Asian food as opposed to visiting the States so that's awesome too!

Mandy 13 June 2011 at 13:11  

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

t.g.s 26 June 2011 at 10:20  

what a jam packed day!
looks like a lot of fun
i wanna go to honk kong sooo badly

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl 14 August 2011 at 04:09  

I don't think I've ever seen someone who'd look so good in Minnie Mouse ears! You looked fab, seriously! And I love your pictures in general, looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

Amanda Silver 13 December 2011 at 23:32  

very interesting this experience and I'm glad you've shared it with us.. you've also have had very much fun and the outfits you've chosen were inspired for the events :) hope to hear more from you soon

Mitha Komala 26 January 2012 at 21:57  

jealous of you for going there dear!! cute headbands and great pictures. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

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