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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Friday.

is good because Jesus took our punishment and freed us from the grasp of sin.

its a gift for everyone and anyone. Have you claimed yours yet?


Our gift for parents' day this year is a fun project: a CD with 8 of our favourite worship songs, music by the talented people from church and vocals by us! :)

We spent an hour today recording the music tracks with music prodigy Huey. Minus the time to set up the recording system and settle down, she took only 20 mins to finish 5 beautiful piano tracks! In her own words, "God created me so He's the real prodigy."

Indeed He is. :)

We'll record the 3 guitar tracks tomorrow after service and the vocals *gulp* next sunday at John's with his power song system (which he usually charges $40 per hour for!).

Thanksgiving to God for planting the idea in our heads, for providing the people and equipment to make it work and also for the gift of music. :)

Shall upload the songs on youtube when we're done kays! Must pray for good voices on recording day. :)


It was a Good Friday well spent.

Thank God for everything!

Time for bed!

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