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Monday, 25 April 2011


Its been 4 months since the Bali trip in December and I'm feeling restless again! So many people have already made holiday plans and I'm itching to book myself a trip too.

Its funny, I never liked travelling when I was in my previous job, which required me to fly once a month. Now that I'm out of it, I seem to love going away! It isn't a case of discontentment though... flying for work and flying for leisure are entirely different experiences. When you fly for work, you work 24/7. When you fly for leisure, you play and rest 24/7! 

Going to HK with sister in June and I CAN'T WAIT. *bounces on seat with excitement* Travelling with family rocks 'cos there's really nothing much to get used to. We've had the worst fights and best heart-to-heart talks. Thank God that I have a friend in my sister. :) Its a blessing that I really cherish.

Back to travelling plans, there are plans for a trip to Aussie for all the '86-ers from church. 5 of us, a nice number for car rentals. :D Can't wait for that too! I've been to Aussie when I was in primary school but I remember almost none of it now. I've got the memory of a goldfish. :(

Anyways, boyfriend and I were talking about travelling over dinner yesterday and he kept harping on wanting to travel alone in June and I don't know why but I started crying. I suppose I felt worried but even I was amazed when the tears just flowed without warning. Sometimes I cry so easily!!! Must be pms. 

So I just sat there and teared for about 20 seconds while chowing on my bah chor mee. It was a ?! moment mixed with a good amount of embarrassment. Who cries in public while eating bah chor mee?! 

*smacks self*

Oh and happy easter! :)
Here's my favourite song on Jesus' glorious and joyous resurrection:

It's indeed worthy of celebration. :)

Thank you Jesus!

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