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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Let's see...

Tired eyes, happy smile...

Yup, I went shopping last night! Hee.

Dropped boyfriend a message before I left that office yesterday to let him know that I would be meeting my sister for shoe-shopping and his reply was:

"What why are you buying shoes again!"

Heeey, I may have a few pairs sitting untouched in the shoe cabinet but everyone makes shopping mistakes right? :( I always leave shoe shops thinking "yup, I would wear that, its not that high." But it turns out that it is pretty high. And that's not good for me because of this.

Nonetheless, that reply got me on guard - no shopping mistakes this time please! I already don't earn enough!

Okays I take that back, God always gives enough. :)

So, I prayed and prayed for wisdom to buy the right shoes and I got these!

Especially happy with the Aldo buy, because 1) it looks nice on my feet, 2) its not that high (sounds dangerously familiar but it really isn't!) and 3) that salesperson was really a joy to shop with. Good service is so hard to come by these days. The Nine West and Steve Madden people sulked in an instant once I said no the pairs I tried on. Not nice at all. Shop at Aldo, Raffles City everyone!

A big thank you to my sister Ling, for letting me drag her from store to store just to find the right fit!

Many people would kill die do something extreme to have a sister like you. :) Haha.

Thank God for good buys and good company!

End of lunch time; back to work! 

Have a good day everyone! :)

P.S. Loving the details on my soft chiffon dress today from MDS Collections!

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