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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A typical(ly busy) Saturday!

Saturdays are usually busy for me, as my church service, weekly bible study lessons (I teach a group of lovely 16 year olds! :D), weekly cell group meetings (where we meet and share prayer requests and thanksgivings) all fall on the same day!

Most churches have these gatherings on separate days but since a long time ago, my church started lumping it all in one day. No complains, because its really a joy to be among my church mates every Saturday, singing praises to God together and sharing weekly updates.

I finished my lesson planning earlier than usual today (thank God!) so I had time to have lunch with my parents before heading for church! :)

Took some pics in the car as its another cheery sunny day! :)

yes I didn't iron that top. :(

Rosy blush thanks to Benetint!

Mmmm sun!

A rare jeans day. I usually prefer dresses - slip on and go!

hello new shoes!

It was great to have the whole backseat and my parents to myself for a while. :D I remember I used to be very jealous of my little sister when she first came into the family, because there goes my princess status haha. Not anymore now! She's my best friend! :)

Did you have a good Saturday? :)

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