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Sunday, 1 May 2011

PMS, Boyfriend and Song Recordings.

I've been eating like a pig (cleaning the plate with space for dessert) and feeling ultra sensitive lately. That can only mean one thing - PMS!

I get the worst mood swings when it hits. Ask my boyfriend, he suffered enough to know. Every little thing has the potential to make me sad or/and angry or/and frustrated. He complains about it every 2 days but guys just don't get it that women are victims of the emotional changes as well. :( You try going :( :) :( :) :D :S :( :( :( in just 1 day! It's not fun, I can tell you that much.

This current bout of hormonal change is making me very sensitive about the amount of quality time I have with the above-mentioned guy of my life. Since our last dinner together on Thursday, I've been seeing him in church last evening, group dinner cum supper with many other church mates on last night (first time at Domino's Pizza - it ain't that big in Singapore! - and it was awesome), and group steamboat dinner with (again) many other church mates tonight. In all three occasions, we hung out with different groups and barely had time to actually talk much to each other! :(

On any other day, I would be perfectly fine with it, as I do love hanging out with the church community. But we're talking about PMS here. I was very much craving for some affection!

He left the steamboat dinner while I was in the middle of a game of Bridge, because some of them went for paintball this afternoon and were already half dead by 10pm. My insides sort of shriveled when he announced that he was going home. The conversation with myself went like this:

"I suppose he isn't very bothered by the fact that we haven't spent much time together."

"He must be tired. That's a valid reason!"

"He doesn't care about spending time with me."

"No no he's tired!!"

Back and forth I argued with myself, until he sent a message over while I was on my way home, which said, "Feels like a long time since I talked to my girlfriend properly! Would you be freeee for breakfast tomorrow? :D"

That pretty much ended the argument between me and myself. :)

Thank God that he feels the same way. Thank God that he messaged! :)

Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. :)

Thank God for him!


I didn't join them in paintball today because Ling and I spent 5 hours at John's place for the song recordings! It was great fun. Thank God for good voices today, John's generosity to do this for free and a smooth time of recording!

I'll put up the songs up here soon, so stay tuned! :)

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