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Friday, 27 May 2011


I've been missing from this space but all for a good reason!

Since I tendered my resignation, I've been handed a good two months worth of work to be cleared in the next three weeks, so that things won't go haywire if they can't find someone suitable to replace me before I join my new company. There are moments when I've been very tempted to complain (whether in my heart or out loud), but God is good and always reminds me of how kind He's been with providing a new opportunity. I'm leaving my current workplace at one of the busiest times for retail businesses too (Great Singapore Sale starts tomorrow!), so it's definitely hard on my boss to miss a staff from the already understaffed office. So, no complains. I shall complete all my work with joy and thankfulness. :)

Thank you all who left such encouraging comments at my last post. I read every one of them (as I slogged in the office) and I'm very thankful indeed. :) I'd gladly reply each one now but I'll have to be up by 3:30am (that's 3 hours from now!) to catch my flight to HONG KONG! 

Finally, a break! :D Short but still, I need all the rest I can get. 

I've been there some 5 years ago, so I'm pretty excited to see how things have changed. I'll do a post on the best shopping places and eateries when I'm back! :) Any readers from Hong Kong? Please feel free to suggest your favorite haunts! :D

Okays, now time for bed! Yay!


yiqin; 27 May 2011 at 03:25  

glad youre taking a break :) and not overworked :D

Mandy 28 May 2011 at 00:07  

Yes, it's the right attitude.
He/She who loses money loses much;
he/she who loses faith loses all.

Have a sweet dream, I'll see you in the morning. ;)

Shu. 1 June 2011 at 23:42  

@yiqin: thanks! :) im glad for a break too. :D

@Mandy: well said! :)

Daphne 6 June 2011 at 22:50  

Sorry to hear that you have left!! Was good working with you. Take care wherever you end up alright and hope you had a good time in HK!

Shu. 7 June 2011 at 01:55  

@Julia: Thank you! :) I did!

@Daphne: Aw hi Daphne! Thank you for such an encouraging comment. :) Was great working with you and keeping up with your blog too! :) It's great working here, but there's much to learn outside. :( Its was really a difficult decision!

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